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Location New England, United States
Introduction There's so much about me I'm still learning that it would be cheating to try to sum everything up in a paragraph. I'll offer this for now: I suppose I'm a rather gentle soul. Having lived a well-rounded life, I feel confident enough that no matter where the next road takes me, I will not fall on my face. I like attention, but only when I know I can put on a worthy show. I'm low maintenance and self-sufficient, yet I crave the company of others. I'm fairly happy in my own skin, yet I often wonder if it's quite good enough for others. I'm lazy beyond words and I don't do numbers ~ they exhaust me. Nostalgia can bring out the best in me. I consider writing and music my lifelines. I can beat myself up better than most but I also recover quite nicely. I treasure my daughter and my husband. I am in awe of the ocean, and can't seem to keep myself too distant from it yet I do not swim. Is this too much for a profile?
Interests Writing/ music/ observing and meeting people/ animals/ and curling up on the couch with hot tea and a great movie.
Favorite Movies Anything featuring Anthony Hopkins ~ Robert DeNiro ~ Richard Dreyfuss ~ Cary Grant ~ Katherine Hepburn ... war flicks and documentaries.
Favorite Music Jazz ~ Blues ~ Classic Rock ~ Motown ~ Celtic
Favorite Books Ones I will one day write. What can I say?