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Introduction Welcome to A Chica Bakes – a Latin girl’s musings on baking. What started off as an excuse to bake has turned into a creative outlet where I get to share w/everyone my love of baking. This blog, as with everything in my life, is a work in progress. When I started her (yes, she is a girl) I wasn’t quite sure where to go with her. Soon I realized that I while I wanted recipes to be the blog’s main focus, I also wanted A Chica Bakes to include baking news, reviews, discussions and anything else that inspires this humble chica baker. Where I’ll leave my stamp in the blogoverse is with my Latin Flair Series. My Latin culture is very much a part of who I am and for a while, Latin desserts where all I knew. However, I never made them because although my family is full of the best cooks I know, none of them bake. My Latin Flair Series is my adventure through Latin-inspired desserts. From the Caribbean (shout out to my Dominican brothers and sisters), Central and South America and Spain, I’ll bring you desserts from Latino communities all over the world and, along the way, hopefully inspire you to make them in your own homes.