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Gender MALE
Industry Military
Location Okinawa, Japan
Introduction Political correctness is NOT my thing. Don't expect any here. I'm just a simple man that loves his country, and his family. After 16 years in the Marine Corps, I have a realistic view of the world, and the issues we face. No better friend, no worse enemy.
Favorite Movies Braveheart, Gladiator, The Last Samurai, Harold and Maude, The Shootist, Saving Private Ryan, Starship Troopers, anything with John Wayne
Favorite Music Metallica, Boston, Sammy Hagar, Soil, Creed, Motzart, Alabama
Favorite Books The Stand, Red Storm Rising, Dream Catcher, The Jungle, Animal Farm, Fly Boys, Eagle Against The Sun, Starship Troopers

The first time you had your shoes taken off - how surprised were you to see that you still had toes?

Since my shoes were not carnivores, I was not surprised at all.