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Gender Female
Introduction Lydia is a mother of three who has been married for twelve years. She adores her children, who range in age from 1-6, in spite of the fact that they are little terror suspects. Prior to becoming a mother, she was a well educated professional with a career in the health field. She has been both a stay at home and working mom and found both to be exhausting. She is currently a stay at home mom and would appreciate it very much if people would stop saying that she "doesn't work anymore". She lives in the suburbs and drives a mini-van referred to as the Big White Tampon (BWT). She has one cat and one dog both of whom have bad attitudes and shed too much. Her house is always dirty but the food is always good. That should give you some idea about the size of posterior - which has increased in a rather alarming fashion since 2003. Unlike her co-contributer, Lydia wears comfortable shoes, jeans from Target and frequently forgets to put on make-up. She teaches Sunday School but lets her kids listen to Lil Wayne in the BWT sometimes (provided they don't tell their father). She hopes you like the Mommyland Rants and thanks you very much for taking the time to check them out.
Interests Sleeping for more than 90 consecutive minutes, reading books intended for adults (aspirational), enjoying the peace and quiet (also aspirational - projected to next occur in 2016).