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Introduction I suppose it all began with my mother. Ever since I can remember, she has been knitting and crocheting - beautiful pieces for me and my sisters, her grandchildren, babies of friends, and, of course, herself. Her quicksilver fingers and her flashing needles and hook are memories that come easily to mind. She taught me when I was young, but my interest (and ability) came and went. And then about a dozen years ago, I picked up a knitting pattern (Vogue Knitting, I think), read the notes, and like a lightning bolt, it all made sense. Where I only saw a foreign language before, this knitting pattern became the sweater dress that it was meant to be in my mind’s eye, and I was forever lost to this craft. Project:Stash is my place to share how my stash ebbs and flows. I knit and crochet — the more challenging and colorful the project, the better — with an eye toward adding other fiber arts in the future. I’ve taught my two children to knit (a teen boy and a tween girl), but haven’t managed to teach our two kitties nor my husband (although he has many other talents). I'm a city girl at heart, living in a picturesque Hudson River Valley town.