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Introduction What am I constantly commenting about??? ... about elevating consciousness by sharing personal experiences... Let's just say the standard american diet has let me down a bumpy road. I have had 3 surgeries, 2 tumors, 2 organs & several lymph removed. I also have a rare bleeding disorder and I do not coagulate. Not one of the many doctors I have seen has ever had answers to my questions… “Why did this happen?”, “Would it happen again?” or “What can I do now, to be preventative? There are answers for people like me out there, you just need to know where to look. Now I now live the cleanest life possible knowing that I am in control of everything that goes into my body... I can consciously choose every bite of food I eat, all products that go onto my skin, including the products I use in my home and anything else I can choose a healthy option for… even my down to my reusable glass water bottle. I do it and so should you. Everyone has the right to know what their personal choices will bring them. If people actually knew their consequences in advance... then perhaps they would then make a conscious choice that is right for them.