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Occupation freelance writer/editor
Location Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Interests We run a wild mustang sanctuary (www.wingspur.org). I have VHL, a rare cancer, and write about it. I am a grief-bereavement facilitator. I am an avid reader and love to watch movies -- classic movies in particular. I love nature and to be outdoors. For exercise, I swim and do Pilates.
Favorite Movies So many it's hard to list all, but they include: Rear Window, Red River, Westward the Women, Casablanca, Adam's Rib, The Lady Eve, Notorious, The African Queen, It Happened One Night, Pride & Prejudice (Colin Firth version - please!).....
Favorite Music Love everything except rap, too-extreme. I'm more of an old-fashioned rock (Neil Young, U2, Coldplay, the Beatles) product of the '60s. Also love classical, jazz, some modern country and western, and opera.
Favorite Books So many, so little time! I love biographies, histories, historical fiction, fiction...don't care for 'formula'-type mysteries, 'airport reads' and romances....too many great ones out there to waste time on those. I love to read "The New Yorker." I also subscribe to Vanity Fair, Time, body+soul, Oprah, and more.