Andrew Adam Caldwell

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Gender MALE
Industry Law
Occupation Litigation Support
Location Seattle, WA, United States
Introduction Photographer, designer, activist, conversationalist trying to touch hearts and open minds, one at a time.
Interests Civil Rights Activism, Photography, Graphic Design, Fine Art, Filmmaking, Playwrighting, Theater, Progressive Politics, Current Events, Intellectual Discourse, Fitness, Pop Culture
Favorite Movies Brazil, Network, Nashville, Schitzopolis, Wings of Desire, Angels In America, Dr. Strangelove, Metropolis, I've Heard the Mermaids Singing, Heaven, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Aliens, High Art, Basquiat, On The Beach (original version), 12 Angry Men (both versions), Short Cuts, Synecdoche New York, The Last Picture Show, F is for Fake, anything by the Maysles.
Favorite Music Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno, Beck, Sandra Bernhard, Bjork, Meryn Cadell, Elvis Costello, Death Cab For Cutie, Peter Gabriel, Rickie Lee Jones, Kings of Convenience, Annie Lennox, Magnetic Fields, Morcheeba, The Postal Service, Radiohead, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nina Simone, Suzanne Vega, TMBG, Jimmy Scott, Sixties Streisand, Billie Holiday, Thomas Newman soundtracks, Cliff Martinez soundtracks, Jerry Goldsmith soundtracks; guilty pleasures: Carpenters, Slim Whitman, Pet Shop Boys, John Williams soundtracks, Lounge.
Favorite Books Just Above My Head, Another Country, Temple Slave, Film Moi: Narcissus in the Dark, Generation X, Life After God, Girlfriend in a Coma, All Families Are Psychotic, Myra Breckinridge, My Year of Magical Thinking, The Road

What reason do you have to believe the earth is flat?

Perception, perception, all is perception.