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Introduction One day back in 2010, my professor Shinya-san said to me, "Are you okay Lena? Are you eating well?". I answered, "Um… yeah…?" but thought about it for a second. I realised all I've been eating were food from the convenience store. Shinya-san said I need to eat more green stuff. I started to worry about my food consumption and decided to cook. Cooking was probably one of the most difficult thing to do. It was something I had to practice and practice to become better. Once you cook it, you can’t un-cook it. What made me enjoy cooking even more is to cook for somebody else. Ryan Faw was the one who inspired me to cook more. I was very nervous my very first time I cooked for him. I was very careful with the presentation and the seasoning. When he said "Oishii!", I was super happy and relieved. It made me want to cook more and more!