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Introduction I am 66, live on the banks of the Tennessee river outside Knoxville. I grew up in northeastern Indiana in farm country; went to nursing school in Chicago where I met my husband, a foreign student from Greece who was studying engineering. We moved to Tennessee when our 3 children were 2, 3,; and 4. We are both now retired. Besides quilting and knitting, I enjoy gardening, swimming, and Pilates, and activities at our church (Greek Orthodox) and of course spending time with our 12 grandchildren. In June of 2008 I was diagnosed with lymphoma, but thankfully by the Grace of God, after 6 rounds of chemotherapy I enjoyed 17 months of remission. In February of 2010, follow up diagnostics showed that the lymph nodes were being pesky once again, and after 6 more rounds of treatment, I enjoyed another remission for one year. Unfortunately I had another relapse this year with adioisotope injections as the treatment of choice. Thankfully those were successful and my last scan showed complete remission. So I go on with my life, thanking God for each day, and living each day to the fullest. And that, of course, includes lots of knitting and quilting.