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Occupation Business Owner
Introduction Motpg AKA Ms. G. If I wasn't grounded in my family and faith I would have floated away long ago. Cause I used to be a dandelion but now my profile pic changes at whim. But anyway.. I turned 50 in Oct. 2015,(I'm not updating this again so count from there) I love The SeaMonkey and our 3 daughters who are pretty much grown up now but for some reason I'm still here. Find our basics at the Who Am I? and Who's Grounded tabs at Mom of the Perpetually Grounded (which may or may not be updated)to read a little more, because I Am Wisdom and I Write This Blog.. Not really, I just like the way it sounds...
Interests Reading, writing, art, music, cats, rocks, The Plantagenets, History, Ogden Nash, cookies, Finding God in Science.
Favorite Movies Don't have a favorite but like quirky.
Favorite Music adult alternative, folk & showtunes. 80's, 70's, 90's..40's....I don't like progressive jazz and contemporary country. There.
Favorite Books A Prayer for Owen Meany-Irving, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Bellefleur-Oates, Merry Men-Chute, On The Black Hill- Chatwin, Vanity Fair-Thackeray, East of Eden-Steinbeck, Fair and Tender Ladies-L. Smith, Emma-Austen, The Good Earth-Buck, Boys Life-McCammon, My Grandmother Asked Me To tell You She's Sorry-Backman. Seriously this list could be longer than my blog. I Read ALOT of books-but not romance novels and generally nothing with a number after it.

For your birthday, your aunt gave you a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a rooster. Please write her a thank-you note:

Dear Aunt, Thank You for not giving me a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a cow.