About me

Gender Female
Location Helena, Alabama, United States
Introduction My name is Deborah Elliott. I am married to Lou, and we have three grown sons. Our home is located on three and one half acres of rolling, partially wooded land in Helena, Alabama, where we have lived since 1985. We are zone 7b for hardiness, but plants here have survived more than occasional hard frosts. Plants in my garden have endured torrential rains and extended drought, scorching summers thick with humidity, strange fungal diseases, children on bicycles, digging dogs, and a husband with a weed eater and chain saw. In 1990 a tornado took out most of the trees in the center of our property, and in 1993 we had a real blizzard which dumped three feet of snow on top of everything. A gardener in Helena has to be resilient. ( I think that is probably true in the rest of the country as well.) I am not a horticulturist or landscape professional. I have learned everything I know about gardening from books and journals, other gardeners, and the hard master of trial and error. The purpose of my blog is to share my garden and to offer inspiration and maybe some advice to other gardeners.
Interests gardening, photography, writing