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Occupation Pediatric Engineer
Location NH, United States
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Introduction I am a 50%er giving 75%....ok I'm kidding. Whatever I do, I try to do full on, but usually end up stumbling to the finish line. Since everyone loves self-depricating humor, this blog is perfect for me to release my pent up aggressions. I am not a horrible person as my sarcasm and cursing might suggest. In fact, I am quite the Philanthropist (conflicted as I might be). I have helped create, stock, and successfully supply hundreds of students at my son's school with personal hygeine products, and I also serve on the Board of Directors for a wonderful non-profit in my area that provides much needed aid and assistance to families in the area in their time of need. I was a Social Work major in college and also studied Gerontology and Alzheimers. I'm also a 'retired' flight attendant. So I may appear to be rough and tough on the outside, I am actually a charitable, contributing member of society. With that being said, you are no longer allowed to judge me in a negative light due to my language and fluency in sarcasm. Everyone knows that cursing is a must for humor. I'm a sucker for cheap laughs what can I say?
Interests Eating, Complaining about weight, Exercising, Complaining about Exercising, Baking, Complaining about the picture?
Favorite Movies Moonstruck, Addicted to Love, Crazy People, Coal Miner's Daughter, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles...
Favorite Music R&B, Jazz....pretty much everything.
Favorite Books Anything by Jodi Picoult, Anita Shreve..Chelsea Handler, Tina Fey. Don't ask me to a Book Club though, I am not intellectual enough to keep up with that not to mention I could read a book and not remember anything about it 10 minutes later. Dory-short-term-memory complex.

I know that I am going to have people that think I am offensive or that don't necessarily agree with me and that's ok. I seriously can't worry about you though so please don't read my blog anymore if that's the case..