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Introduction ME LLAMO RACHEL! I'm a new wife. I am a huge marriage advocate! Especially to the eternal kind! I can drive a stick like mad! I love hugs & am a very friendly person. I like yellow & pink & the color they make when mixed. I love painting my fingernails. I love soccer & piano. I love laughing! I love taking pictures. I love sunny days. I love Tennessee & the beach. I love the mountains. I love dry weather, but not dry skin. I love humidity. I love chapstick. I love the smell of chlorine & blown out candles. I love blogging. I love walking on cardboard on my barefoot heels. I like trampolines & friends. I absolutely LOVE water! I am afraid of heights & the dark. I love walking around barefoot. I like swings and summer! My favorite spot to sleep is in the hammock tied up back home! I love to whistle. I love helping & taking care of people.I can play a song on the harmonica. I hate spiders. I love staying up late. I love the outdoors & really big thunderstorms. I bite my nails when I'm nervous. I love my family. I love my friends. I love babies. I love naps. I love SMILING. I love LIFE!