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Location Central Coast, California
Introduction Welcome to my kitchen. I am a self proclaimed gypsy in the kitchen. I love to browse cookbooks and recipes, but inevitably wander off the page in my own direction, creating something that is deliciously my own. I like to call it “spirit” cooking. When I enter the kitchen my right brain kicks in and sends my thought process into overdrive. There have been so many times over the course of my marriage where I’ve stood at an open pantry, with little inventory, wondering what in the heck I was going to cook for dinner. From these times, when the selection has been meager at best, I’ve created some darn tasty and memorable vegan dishes, some of which I’ll be sharing with you here. Since life is a learning experience, I am hoping you will comment, make suggestions, ask questions and most importantly, share your cooking experiences with me. And remember...peace begins on your plate.