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Gender Female
Location Northern California, United States
Introduction Welcome! Shalom! I hope you find something useful on this site.
Interests Healthy plant strong eating, being fit, living a long life in harmony with heaven, gardening, birds and habitats, strong families, clean and uncluttered living, Worthwhile Reading, Torah, HaMashiach, and the value of being a life long student never too old to learn.
Favorite Movies Winged Migration, A Sacred Duty, The Great Escape, Fiddler on the Roof, A Beautiful Mind, Ushpizin, Forks Over Knives, What the Health, Processed People, Plant Pure Nation, Back to Eden Gardening
Favorite Music Folk Jewish Music, Sephardic, Hebrew Prayers in music, Carlbach, Shlomo Katz, 613, Maccabeats, Ari Goldwag
Favorite Books The Bible, TaNaCH, Chumash, Eat to Live, The China Study, Eat for Health, Healty at 100, Overdosed America, Food Revolution, Healing with Whole Foods, I Love Books, Kol HaTorah, Interlinear Chumash (Artscroll), Kol HaTorah, Hirsch Chumash, The Collected Writings, Bible Basics