Elias Alias

About me

Gender MALE
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Un-employed Poet
Location Eureka, Montana, United States
Introduction Presently I seem to be a passionate student of unanswered questions. I am an amateur history buff, seeking out the hidden history concealed by the elite. Previously, I was a U.S. Marine who volunteered for Vietnam; after which I was married; after which I created and operated three successive small businesses in construction, jewelry manufacturing, and retail jewelry. I am old now. I'm looking forward to peaceful times, such as we all loved during the 1950s. I'd like to sit in peace by the river with my cats and muse on the miracle of life, the unspeakable beauty in the natural world - and will, when we get our country back. Today's centralized Federal government will play out the patterns of history's fools of yore, corrupting itself into the sort of failure all previous empires have employed for their demise. I remain happy, and I love living in the woods of Montana, far from the cities of Man.
Interests Literature, hidden history, art, Nature, family/community, path of awakening, reflections on existence, my cats Opie and Black Alias, self-enlightenment, writing....
Favorite Movies Legends Of The Fall, Platoon, JFK, Lonesome Dove, Dr. Strangelove; Harvey; Manchurian Candidate; Last of the Dogmen...
Favorite Music Montana Rose; anything written by Kostas; Bob Dylan; Moody Blues; John Prine; Steve Earle; Lucinda Williams; Jesse Winchester; Sid Selvidge; Leonard Cohen; Sarah Fulcher, Kate Wolf, and too many others to name...
Favorite Books Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse; The Old Man And The Sea by Earnest Hemingway; The Pearl by John Steinbeck; Memories Dreams And Reflections by Dr. Carl Jung; Wall Street And The Bolshevek Revolution by Antony C. Sutton; oh heck, just go to The Mental Militia for my personal bibliography. https://thementalmilitia.net/home/tmm-bibliography/

"Whence cameth the knot which was not?"