Too Many Rectums

About me

Location Chicago, IL, USA, United States
Introduction I have to come out of retirement. Normally, I'd call this blog "Too Many Assholes", but it may violate some blogger rule. My personal opinion is this: There's TOO MANY DUMMIES in key positions of government, industry and finance! But the DUMMIES have mutated: They've turned into RECTUMS. There's just too much crap coming out of their mouths. That's why my moniker was changed from "TOO MANY DUMMIES" to "TOO MANY RECTUMS". Law enforcement officers: Do you have the feeling your elected officials are using your mistakes to hide their own corruption and stupidity? The truth is we’re being used to divert attention from the CORRUPTION and INCOMPETENCE in Richard M. Daley’s administration. Daley is part of the ruling class. In the past, the ruling class utilized the media to divide and conquer their opponents. By convincing the community that the police are the enemy, Daley’s corruption will be ignored. Sadly, the community will suffer as violent crime soars.
Interests My favorite interest is watching the corrupt political process of the Republicans and Democrats destroy the greatest nation on Earth. I'm watching history as the greatest nation in the world collapses.
Favorite Movies Usual Suspects, LA Confidential, and Seven. Anything with Ann Margaret naked.
Favorite Music Earth, Wind and Fire.
Favorite Books "Faces At The Bottom Of The Well" by Derrick Bell. Any book about Texas Hold 'em.

Is it me, or has this world gone surreal? Things sure are different. I blame this shit on the Clintons.