About me

Location United States
Introduction We're just one family looking to unhook from the mainstream Matrix.. Learning to live a peaceful life in a world gone mad!
Interests Homemaking, homemaker, farmer market, gardening, herbs, eating local, eating seasonal, organic, self-sufficiency, Episcopalian, Episcopal Church, Anglican Church, Anglican Catholic, Orthodox Church, Catholic, Creation Care, OAMC, simply living, baking, cheese making, preserving, Middle Tennessee, whole foods, whole food cooking, whole food recipes, container gardening, Radical Homemaker, bluegrass, Hand spinning, frugality, folk music, Appalachian music, Appalachian, Smokey Mountains, Folk Art, Folk music, country cottage decorating, shabby chic, English Country decorating, Country cottage Decor, South Nashville, crunchy, hippie, Creator, Spirit, God, Earth Stewardship, Peace, recycling, gnomes, Natural Family Living, DIY crafting, Dollar Store Crafting, DIY decorating, Dollar Store Decorating, natural beauty products, flea markets, flea market decor, mindful, mindfulness, meditation, Earth Mama, natural dyes, plant dyes, peaceful living, slow living, slow eating, Thomas Merton
Favorite Movies Its a Wonderful Life, Fried Green Tomatoes, LOTR, Practical Magic, Steel Magnolias, Star Wars ( the org.films), Firefly, 50's movies
Favorite Music anything from Bach to Conway Twitty
Favorite Books Oh my too many to list

What's the most amount of sand you've ever had in your swimming trunks?

what swimming trunks???!!!!!!