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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Designer/Recoding artist/Video gamer
Location Jelly Fish Lake, Mecherchar, Republic of Palau, Micronesia, Palau
Introduction Design student starting 3rd year Illustration and Advertising in the new year. I love to create, dance and sit down outside. My name is a flexible variable and it always has been so don't mind that. This blog is about things i'm interested in personally, things i find beautiful, things i find disturbing and things i'm working on maybe.
Interests Mega ping pong, Donkey Kong, Foreigners, Jelly fish, Animation, Illustration, Design, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Roller blades, Eco/Sustainable transportation, Sustainability, Teleportation, Short stories, Science fiction, Film
Favorite Movies Spirtited away, Porco roso, Nausica, Rushmore, The Royal Tanenbaums, Ghost World, more
Favorite Music Surf rock, tropical punk, bollywood hits, international rock, noise/experimental music, jazz, intellectual wank, funny wank, indie, alternative rock, punk, heavy metal, more
Favorite Books I read books. Charles Bukowski Kurt Vonnegut Irvine Welsh Vladimir Nabokov Terry Pratchett Hunter S Thompson Roald Dahl

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Thank you very much for the syrup rooster beloved aunt. You know me like no other. I will love you for a thousand years but after that i'll barely even like you at all but that's ok because we'll both be dead and there's no such thing as god.