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Gender MALE
Location hamburg, Germany

analogue medium format creative artistic work. free only, no commissions, no clients, no agencies, no models, no target, no job description. passionate about emotional, sensual work, about the portrait that captures a person, beyond make-up, beyond tits, beyond sizes and measures, beyond vanity.

ruediger beckmann has been seriously working as an artistic photographer since 1998.

The main objective has been to capture a real possible emotion.
Usually, photographers deal with surfaces, but it has become more and more important to go beyond that.

Models are not forced to cooperate and function to the desires of the photographer, they work to their own rules and wishes. Concepts and themes are not really important, the real goal is to listen to the moment and get a grip on the present mood and feeling.

The result is measured by its credibility.

profile pic by tessa beckenbauer