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Introduction I am a writer and communicator, I am a big sister to 3 very different siblings, I am a Missionary, and I am a former Youth Pastor and Children’s Ministry Director, I am a first born, I am a friend to many. I love the beach, and the sun. I dislike most animals no matter how much I try, they just freak me out. I enjoy travel, but dislike packing and unpacking. I love to cook, I hate doing dishes. I love dancing and heels and hate blisters and backaches. I am fascinated by ideas. I love finding connections between seemingly disparate phenomena, which is why I love looking for and creating alternative approaches to situations and ways of doing things. I believe there are connections in all things and that most everything has a reason. Give me an idea or a problem and I will quickly see relevant problems and enjoy brainstorming how to fix or improve upon what is there. I will do what I say I will do you can trust me to follow through because I value honesty and loyalty in myself and others. These strengths are what pull me towards this project. I believe in the connections we all have and that we are all part of this big story, God’s story.