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Industry Arts
Occupation Actor/Film-maker/Environmental Scientist
Location Stratford ON Canada/, London, United Kingdom
Introduction Vegan wierdo, starving actor, eco-nerd, sci-fi geek, horse riding farmer, childfree, Atheist, Young adult cancer assassin. Astoundingly zealous, possibly mad. Probably has more teeth than brain cells. Likely to offend, poster child for "low self esteem in Young adult cancer survivors" and probably from a different planet than you. :p
Interests VWs - Shows, Campouts, GTGs, Cruises, BioDiesel :: Acting :: Horse riding/AQHA Shows :: Environmental issues :: Ranting about stupid cancer and trying to prove the link b/w increased contamination and cancer esepcially in Young Adults. I'm particularly interested in escaping life's shit by indulging in Sci-Fi - especially Star Trek and Dr. Who :).
Favorite Movies I'm a film geek; mostly sci fi and more 'obtuse' stuff: i.e. Canadian classics like Highway 61, Jesus of Montreal, Hard Core Logo (yes I like Bruce MacDonald and Denys Arcand), Fight Club, Kundun, Mad Max/Road Warrior, Donnie Darko, Brazil, the Big Lebowski, O Brother Where Art Thou, Erik the Viking, Star Wars (the 1977 one!), ST2: Wrath of Khan/ST6: Undiscovered Country, Contact, Highlander, Subway, Snatch, the Full Monty, Chocolat, the 1st Batman, Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, the Rocky Horror Picture show, Napoleon Dynamite, Rushmore, James Bond (esp. Daniel Craig!), Harry Potters
Favorite Music anything that isn't rubbish :p Punk and Classical
Favorite Books Harry Potter, Star Trek novels by Diane Duane, Buddhist philosophy and my school textbooks ;)

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