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Gender Male
Industry Arts
Occupation DJ, Drummer, Writer, Poet.
Location Trondheim, Norway
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Introduction Born in Wordsley 1976. Currently living in Norway, making live music things, recorded music stuff, live literature and recorded writings, voice, scratches, truth.
Interests Loaf, knittworking, synergy, Ideogramic method, communication theory, magik, primate poetics, astrologik, neurologic, swimming, Turntable things, painting, moons, books, comics, Graffiti, humus, Poetry, film, Anarchist philosophy, sativa highs, biology, anomalies, Animals and fish, social history of drugs, sub bass, maybelogic, sex, cheese on toast, Jazz music, cycling, entheogens, history, audio design, toads and frogs, cannabis farms on the moon, mycology, comedy, insect tricks, bicycles, speakers, Finnegans Wake, funk drum beats, toasting, mixed drinks, CCTV, timetravel, goddesses, hip hop, photography, vegetable artwork, mythology, fresh orange juice, stars, touching and feeling, zoopharmacognosy, neurosemantics, drumming, web 2.0, Maybelogic Quarterly Magazine, hash cookies, Garaj Mahal, San Francisco, Amsterdam, New York, Saturn, cassini, global village, epiphany, Renaissance Arts, Ezra Pound, New Directions publishing, Orson Welles, James Joyce, Internet of things, A scanner Darkly, counterculture, Sun Ra, New Orleans Culture, Hip Hop, ecology, Dzogchen, Banksy, McLuhan, Prohibition, Logos, Hash, potted plants, Submarines, LSD, The Black Country, Jazz drumming, beat poetry, Q-Bert, Coffeeshop Culture, sticker culture, Malvern hills, Noh Plays, Science and Sanity, Democracy, romance, Love Poetry, Naxi Rites, European Union, who put bella in the wych elm, Mycoremediation, Stamp Script, Alternate Currency, Psychoanalysis, Paranormal, Fourier' transforms, Shannons Maxims, Irish Writers, Irish Soma, Irish Coffee, communication, compression, time, sauce, scratching, Norway, beatbox, terpenes, workshops, carrot juice.
Favorite Movies Tideland, Amelie, Citizen Kane, Brazil, Easy Rider, Hannibal, The Weeping Camel, Blade Runner, War Games, Being There, JFK, The Good Shepherd, A Scanner Darkly, Grass, JFK II, Stranger Than Fiction, Videodrome, Baraka, Bloom, U.S vs. John Lennon, Scanners, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Return Of The Jedi, One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest, Dirty Harry, Frankenstein, 20 to life, The Fountain, Maybelogic, Harold And Maude, The Godfather Trilogy, Burn After Reading, Best In Show, Man vs. Snake, Tron, How To Get A Head In Advertising.
Favorite Music John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Coleman Hawkins, Sonny Rollins (nuke) SUN RA, Herbie Hancock, Loius Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Sunny Boy Williamson, Lee Perry, Freddie Hubbard, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Grateful Dead, Shakti, Fela Kuti, James Brown, Fats Domino, MMW, Radiohead, Garaj Mahal, New Flesh for Old, John Lennon, Fella Kuti, James Brown, Sun Ra, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Fibonacci Project, various drum and Bass, Pharmageddon Arkestra, Summit, Theolonius Monk, P-Funk, Gregory James Band, Galactic, Santana, Floyd, Mandrill, Alan Hertz, Eddie Bo, and friends, Sunship, Geo trio, Godisturber, Something Four, Sidewalk Astronomy, Fareed Haque Group, Dead Soon, Timucin Sahin, Kai Eckhardt, Hairy CHU, Juice Aleem, Propanon, Beebe, No Parking, Prop Anon, Clyde Stubberfield, John Cage, Rebirth Brass Band, MMW, Dr Marshmallow Cubicle, The Fuck You Sound, The Endolphins, John Sinclair And His International Blues Scholars
Favorite Books Finnegans Wake, Jerusalem, The Glass Bead Game, Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth, Coincidance, Ulysses, Animals and Psychedelics, Quantum Psychology, Orientalism and Modernism, Rhythmajik, Irish Soma, Critical Path, The New Science, Joyous Cosmology, Magic Mushrooms: Toadslime To Ecstacy, Science and Sanity, Naked Lunch, Orientalism and modernism, Scanner Darkly, Ulysses, Sunflower Splendor, More brilliant than the sun, Illuminatus Trilogy, Cosmic Trigger, Naked Lunch, Murder at the Conspiracy Convention, The Russia House, Harlot's Ghost, The Open Society and its Enemy, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Strata, Star Maker, Ubik, Valis, The Plot to Save Socrates, The Art of Memory, Everything Is Under Control, The Three Stigmate of Palmer Eldritch, 1984, Brave New World, Understanding Media, The Guttenberg Galaxy, The Soft Machine, Howlin' At Midnight, An American Genius, The Bear Comes Home.

You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows?

With freeze dried dragon pubes.