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Gender MALE
Introduction The PP is nobody important relative to pedantry nor Protestantism. He compensates for this by blogging as if he were important, even though the blog barely cracks 100 readers per day. Undaunted, he presses on as a voice in the wilderness, offering unsolicited commentary on all sorts of things ranging from matters of cosmic signifiance to those of banality and triviality. Paraphrasing and modernizing a famous epigram of the Roman poet Martial, ``it takes all sort of posts to make a blog.'' In real life, he works at a university and is presently doing some consulting work in the field of statistics. That is his cover story, and he's sticking to it!
Interests Running, Basketball, Tennis, Lifting, Biblical studies, Cocker Spaniels, Music, Politics, Religion.
Favorite Music Bach, Chopin, anything my friend Elizabeth sings, Progressive Rock, Darkwave, Synthpop
Favorite Books St Paul's Epistle to the Romans, CS Lewis' Space Trilogy, Spivak's Calculus

You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows?

It is written: man will not live by marshmallows alone, but by the very word of God.