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Gender Female
Location new jersey, United States
Introduction my name is lauren, and i'm a paperholic. i've got more art supplies than any sensible person needs (but i'm not giving 'em back!) i've been married to my lovely husband, jeff, for 25 years. we have no kids or room what with all the paper! my back has a mind of its own...i'm addicted to chapstick...the museum has not been built that i would not favorite form of punctuation is the ellipsis...i like makin' stuff...wanna be friends?!
Interests MAKING STUFF out of paper, paint, yarn, rhinestones...whatever ya got... art, music, books, movies, computers, quantam mechanics (just checking if you're still reading...well done!), rummage sales, did i already say, "making stuff"??
Favorite Movies the big sleep (or anything classic & noir...), amelie, devdas, bread & tulips, memento, chicken run, gosford park, elizabeth, bernard & the genie, croupier, a fish called wanda, the princess bride, monsoon wedding, ...i could do this all day...
Favorite Music bollywood/bhangra, motown, 70's "a.m. gold", 80's new wave, 90's britpop, swing, polka, tango, world music, ...i don't like modern country-western OR boybands OR zamfir--master of the pan flute...but there's not much else i won't give a listen to...
Favorite Books ALL of jane austen & douglas adams & terry pratchett..., ...vintage mysteries...& modern ones..., my name is red, bollywood boy, bel canto, the way you wear your hat, the autobiography of henry viii, travels with alice, to say nothing of the dog, about a by, part of the furniture, children of men, the curious incident of the dog in the night time, ...hey--this is fun...

If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?

that i a guest or an *entree*???