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Introduction I'm a college student with as much free time on my hands as procrastination will allow me. Which, surprisingly and not surprisingly at all is quite a lot. I have found that daydreaming is an art, and that I am a master at it. However, I have yet to fully harness night dreaming. Inception really showed me how much work I have to do.
Interests Moving watching, book reading, music listening, and unicorn riding.
Favorite Movies Wow, I'm not sure if this is posisble. I would have to categorize by genre and go from there. I don't have a number one favorite movie...but I do adore Imaginary Heroes ;)
Favorite Music Music is subjective and my tastes always change. I can like a band one month and despise their sound the next. I call it musical PMS, but you can call it whatever you would like.
Favorite Books I am partial to YA. Don't ask me about Twilight though because I don't finish series. It's a habit and now a curse. I seem to be able to read everything but the last book (which I do a thorough wikipedia plot synopsis on).