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Introduction Jeremiah Ray was born, though he questions this occurrence's validity as he doesn't remember it. He's not that annoying person in a theater who keeps asking who "that person" (the main character) is. Jeremiah is the person who enters 10 minutes late and pretends he knows what's going on. This has led to many brilliant encounters and adventures in his life, which, as he insists, he meant to initiate. Often, because he is late, Jeremiah mistakes the trailer for the main feature. During those intense 2-3 minutes, he expends all his energy at each high and low, every terror and joy. Due to his empathic nature, this leaves him entirely exhausted. Depleted, he excuses himself to get a snack and a drink. Jeremiah pays a painfully large sum for poison he'll regret consuming and returns to the theater. Now, the actual feature film has started. He tries to connect that which is occurring with that which he recalls from the trailer. For most, things wouldn't add up, things wouldn't make sense. For some reason, however, they do for Jeremiah.