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Introduction Roderic Randolph Richardson is the author of 21stCentrist and the GreenEnergyTaxCuts Blogs. He is the originator of a group of new policy ideas: supply side environmentalism (AKA Green Energy Tax Cuts), pro bono medical reform, and the use of natural (vs artificial) humanitarian systems. Each of these achieves popular humanitarian or environmental goals through targeted tax cuts promoting naturally existing humanitarian systems (i.e., traditional pro bono medical care, or workable alternative energy businesses), because doing so do is far more simple, effective and sustainable than the more common tax/spend/subsidize/regulate approach of many artificial, complex, big government social engineering schemes. Rod is also the President of Morningside Holdings, LLC, a private investment fund; President of the Grace Richardson Fund; a mediator, and when time permits, a glass sculptor. He holds an MBA from The Stern School of Business, NYU, and a BA from Columbia College, Columbia University. Below is a link to Rod's glass sculptures and other activities: Rod's Glass Sculptures
Interests Aikido, Surfing, Sailing, Surf Kayaking, 3B Tri-Disc Speed-Flow, Guerilla Disc Golf (Grolf!), Graveyard Discgolf (also Grolf!), Ultimate, Hiking, Biking, Ocean Swimming, Snorkeling, Glass Sculpting, Reading, History (esp. ancient), Supply Side and Neo-Keynesian Economics, Pigou Club, Centrist Public Policy, Libertarianism, Mediation, Mythology, Psychology, Dreams, Jesus, Buddha, Deism, Quakers, Psychedelia, Sci-Fi, Animation, Lost, Halo, Miyazaki, Lincoln, Neo-Victorianism, Steampunk, God, The Multiverse, The Trickster, Natural Humanitarian Systems, 19th Century Liberalism, 21st C. Liberalism, 23rd C. Liberalism, 1970's Neo-Conservatism, 1980's Conservatism, 1990's Neo-Liberalism, New Democrats, Sir Anthony Fisher, Charles & Mickey Teetor, Harry Yorku, Lincoln ("Link") Murray, Uncle Frank Barnett, Adam Purple, Hernando de Soto, George Gilder, Capt. Greg Frietas, That guy "William" that got arrested for helping out at Ground Zero, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Jack Kemp, Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Jude Wanniski, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Void Based Mathematics, String Theory, Etc.
Favorite Music Luna, Dean & Britta, Early Mid Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, Laetitia Sadier, etc.
Favorite Books LOTR, Herodotus, The Anabais (The Ten Thousand). A Short History of Nearly Everything, The Way the World Works, Wealth and Poverty, The Other Path, Currently reading Team of Rivals