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Occupation Mom, Wife, Wanna-be-Writer
Location Arizona
Introduction I Am Boymom. That's who I've been for 17 years now. My days are filled with boy sports, boy movies, boy smells, boy jokes and shopping for food. So. Much. Food. Then I write about it. Legos and Army guys used to be my constant companions. Now I find iPods, Axe Body Spray and really stinky socks in places where the action figures used to hide. I am still unhappily obsessed with Clorox wipes due to male "aiming" issues that are beyond my comprehension. I thought this would get better as they got older! It's a big hole guys, how hard can it be? The difference now that they are older? I just buy the wipes. They have to clean their own bathroom. Every once in a while Pre-Boymom appears and reminds me that I'm a girl, then I write about that too. I like when she comes around...she takes better care of me than Boymom does. And she never misses the bowl. Ever.
Favorite Movies Princess Bride, Mystery Men, The Gods Must Be Crazy, Transformers (I know...boys are rubbing off!), Always, A River Runs Through It
Favorite Music No real favorites, I love all kinds of music. Just not a fan of rap. At all. In fact, I really hate it.