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Gender Male
Introduction Beans is a pseudoname/callsign placed upon me by an oppressive authoritarian known heretofore as the senior military guys of Chant du Depart. Much shame and woe is involved, but at least they didn't choose other names. Sigh. Burden to Bare, I mean Bear, yadda-yadda...
Interests medieval stuffs, medieval fighting, guns, planes, trains, armored fighting vehicles
Favorite Movies Tora-Tora-Tora, Most John Wayne, Most Clint Eastwood, Magnificent Seven (original, with Yul B. and one of the best sound tracks ever), Kelly's Heroes, Notting Hill (don't laugh or I'll keeeeeel you) and many much more
Favorite Music Most any, not inclusive of hard Chinese whiny insect sounding stuff or most Rap/Hiphop stuff(except for Amish Paradise, love that one.) I do like Mongolian Throat Singing, though.
Favorite Books Robert A Heinlein's works except for Stranger in a Strange Land