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Introduction 46 (!) year old Digital Designer, working mother; former "bad-girl"/wild-child, born-again good-girl/homebody; a fun-loving goof-ball touched by darkness; chronically overly-sensitive; obsessive-compulsive; avid reader of raw, uncensored memoirs reflecting personal struggle and general dysfunction; health-conscious freak not always conscious; former evader and procrastinator; struggling daily with those and other old, bad habits; open-minded; politically and socially liberal, but personally modest and conservative; painfully passionate, sometimes tortured; spiritual but not religious; unapologetic reality TV; celebrity gossip junkie; an Indian-born, Midwest-raised, no longer confused desi; late-bloomer; a Fine Arts graduated, retired math geek; a distracted perfectionist; a complicated, self-proclaimed walking contradiction; self-deprecating yet self-assured; reformed; recovering; survivor; a loving and affectionate misfit; hopeful and hopeless romantic; dreamer and entrepreneur; a work in progress; a restless, but ridiculously happy lady and extremely grateful and proud mother.
Interests my daughter's tiny infectious laugh, my family, time, a clean house, sleep, scented candles, clothes that make me look skinny, comfort, my drawers filled with clean, perfectly folded clothes, lists, good reality television (oxymoron?), Chili's Caribbean Chicken Salad, good days, words, clarity.