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Introduction In my writing classes, we talk about writing with flair, but lately I've been interested in what it means to live with flair. Can I find a way to make every day impressive and meaningful? Just as a sentence turns into something beautiful with the right verb and punctuation, can I learn to revise my day and punctuate it with flair?
Interests Joking around with my husband and family, writing with flair, students, dignity, baking with my children, petting my cats, philosophy, any pop culture phenomenon, my neighborhood, coffee with almond creamer, apples. . . what don't I love?
Favorite Music Anything with lyrics that tell the truth.
Favorite Books I read tons of poetry. Poets turn the commonplace into the extraordinary; they know how to make the everyday object shimmer. A.R. Ammons, Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Bishop, William Wordsworth, Jane Kenyon, Rita Dove, Lisa Russ Spaar, Stephen Cushman, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Hart Crane, Wallace Stevens, Marianne Moore, Ezra Pound, Charles Simic. . . what poet don't I read?