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Gender Male
Industry Technology
Occupation Deputy Managing Partner decide365...Full Time Problem Solver...Part Time Problem Creator
Location Seattle, Sydney, London, Hong Kong and other less nice places...
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Introduction I take dreams and make them real. I create new things, fix things that are broken, solve problems that seem irresolvable…and likely break a few things and create some new problems along the way. I lead the Strategic Hello Kitty Lean Six Sigma TOC Revolutionary Brigades under the auspices of the Engineering Systems (nope, not a brain snap transpose; MIT I’ve bought into your geekspeak!) First Order…and I set Barbie dolls on fire. Anywhere in the world. Anytime. To any Bay City Rollers track you’ve got. And I’ll throw in some MoP, ToC, Prince2, MoR, MSP, MoV, P3O, TRIZ, CHAMPS2, Oliver Wight Class A, DfX, SCOR, DCOR, OBASHI, ISO31000, ISO9001, Python, R, Java, mySQL, SQL, CISSP, LISP, C++, ADA, COBOL...and a few other propriety acronyms that fill all with awe, wonder, joy and a few yawns by the less enlightened. Add a little group hug therapy, some primal screaming and the occasional kick in the teeth, then the real nastiness hardly ever necessary. These are my adventures…open your mind to me, and you shall learn from my wisdom…hopefully more often than you’ll learn from my mistakes… ------------------- Email: borys.pawliw(AT)uni.sydney.edu.au
Favorite Movies The Bourne Trilogy, 633 Squadron
Favorite Music Classics like Van Halen and Def Leppard
Favorite Books The Holy Bible, The US Constitution and my HK417 Operators Manual. Yep - I don't read Slate.