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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Occupation artist, engraver, scrimshander
Location Oak Run, California, United States
Introduction Hello world, welcome to my blog. This is my art, works in progress, news, stories, adventures, misadventures, occasional rants and raves, and other random thoughts. I figure all this writing makes up for not talking much!

I am an artist, engravers, and a scrimshander (scrimshandress? That sounds naughty...). That image in the banner is a closeup of some of my work. In real life it's about an inch and a quarter wide. I really do work at a microscope.

If you took an artist, a writer, a cowgirl, a farmer, a hippie, a nerd, a dreamer, a pessimist, a hopeless romantic, and Betty Crocker, and mooshed all that up together with a heavy dose of sarcasm, you'd pretty much get me.

Stick around, you might like it here! Don't be shy about commenting, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
Interests art, drawing, sculpture, horses, draft horses, Canadien horses, chickens, Rosecombs, cats, dogs, poultry, animals, nature, birds, bird-watching, writing, baking, sleeping, photography, horseback riding, exhibition poultry, engraving, scrimshaw, pet portraits, bellydancing, sitting in the hammock and looking at the stars
Favorite Movies Dances with Wolves, Seabiscuit, Forrest Gump, Toy Story, Star Wars (the originals!), Hidalgo, Beauty and the Beast, Fly Away Home, The Princess Bride, Lost in Translation, The Shawshank Redemption, Lonesome Dove, Lord of the Rings, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Rustler's Rhapsody
Favorite Music some new country, most old country, bluegrass, classic rock, soft rock, 80s, oldies, classical, instrumental, bellydance, world
Favorite Books cheesy romance, books with horses, mysteries, adventures, things with pretty pictures

You forgot your mom's birthday! What can you make out of super glue and olive pits?

A tiara! But the real question is what happened to the olives, because I sure as heck didn't eat them, eww!