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About me

Location Mount Vernon, Iowa, United States
Introduction Creative and well-organized, Jen moves through life with a sense of humor and desire to live life to the fullest. She works hard and believes in excellence, but she plays hard and believes in happiness as well. Her ultimate goal is to experience life with kindness, grace, and best of all: fun. Jen works from home as an independent writer. She takes photos for friends and for fun, publishes the EmSun website, writes book reviews for a variety of companies, gardens obsessively, takes very long bubbly baths, drinks twice as much coffee as she does wine (which is considerable), considers brewing beer on a weekly basis, cooks from scratch, pretends to be an artist, finishes triathlons and running events, parents a gaggle of kids, and reads more books than the library can keep up with.
Interests homeschooling, secular homeschooling, classical homeschooling, travel, gardening, photography, coffee, food, cooking, learning, reading, organic gardening, sustainability, environment, triathlons, marathons, book reviews, foster care

That can't really be a fish you're standing on, can it?

No. I'm standing on a desiccated heap of scales.