Mrs. Fussy Fussypants

About me

Industry Human Resources
Occupation Queen of the Swashbucklers, Homeschooler, World Famous Blogger, Photo Jewelry Artisan, Potty scrubber, Victoria's Secret model, Host of Project Runway.
Location, Get clickin', United States
Introduction Fussypants’ moniker was bestowed on her by Mr. Smartypants. He must stop trying to talk to Fussy before she has her French Roast. Mrs. Fussypants is a Christian Homeschooling Mom to her five young sons. Mrs. Fussypants thinks the acronym SAHM is lame and loves the image of a 50’s type Housewife vacuuming in pearls. Unfortunately, Fussypants tends to wear yoga pants and stained T-shirts, smells of perfume, self tanner & spit-up, and never vacuums in heels.
Interests I run a silly, fun and wonderful personal blog at- I make beautiful Custom Photo Jewelry at- I run the amazing Homeschool Hacks site at- Parenting tips, Cheap Psychological tricks in marriage (hee, hee), Christian Psychology, Homeschooling (mixture of Classical Christian. C. Mason. The Moore Formula. Tidal Homeschooling, shhh!... Unschooling), Healthly living, Jewelrymaking, Photography, Politics, Pop Culture, Laughing, Neighborhood Ladies Night, Snuggling up on the couch with Mr. Smartypants, sleep, T.V. (24, Lost, Bravo reality shows, stand-up comedy)
Favorite Music Third Day, Ben Harper, Dave Matthews Band, Jimmy Buffett
Favorite Books Bible