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Gender Female
Location United States
Introduction My blog title sums it up. I am simply ... Stacy. I guess you could say I wear many hats. Child of God, Wife, Fur Mom, Daughter, Sister, Friend .. and I'm sure enemy to some. I mean .. if ya don't have them what is it they say?! lol :) I am a kind person .. but if you cross me or anyone I care about .. my kindness will not be what you remember. I am a fitness freak and love to try and help motivate others to get that #BodyForLIFE as well! I am a TV host, former news journalist and currently a Nationally qualified NPC competitor (I compete in the bikini division). I spend my days talking to country stars and writing about their career/life and I spend my nights at the gym, meal prepping, blogging and watching bad TV :)
Interests God, my little family, writing, music, entertainment, motivating, fitness, lifting weights, hot box
Favorite Movies A Time to Kill is my all time fave. I also love almost any funny movie and most romantic comedies.
Favorite Music Pretty much anything except heavy metal! I love hip hop, r&b, rap and of course ... country :)
Favorite Books I start a lot ... but don't finish many. Does Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness, Self or Fitness count?! Lol :)

For your birthday, your aunt gave you a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a rooster. Please write her a thank-you note:

Hello My Favorite Aunt ... Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift! You obviously know me all too well! That maple syrup dispenser sure is coming in handy for my protein pancakes I have every single morning :)