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Gender MALE
Industry Science
Occupation PhD pursuant in Evolutionary Biology, Part-Time TA and kind of a slacker I suppose.
Location Singapore
Introduction being described as 'wierd', 'alien', 'he's just, you know, yc..' has got to mean something i guess. Being an evolutionary biologist means I'm pretty much interested in bugs in general. Diptera are my specialty, and morphology's the deal. Entomologist comes to mind, though most people call me fly guy. pretty fly, pretty lame. You can address me as Baron Yuchenski von Schwingfliegen though.
Interests Evolutionary biology, entomology, morphology, diptera, Sepsidae, art, metal, indie music, the dark tower. Gee, thats pretty unfocused.
Favorite Movies I'm a geek, so most sci fi shows are in it. That, and post-apocalyptic stuff. Although the word post-apocalyptic's pretty much a misnomer eh? what else is after the apocalypse? ah well.
Favorite Music Good Ol' stuff like Led Zep, Iron Maiden, each of which i would give my left nut to be in their concert. Megadeth and their ilk as well, and ain't adverse to a healthy sprinkling of indie. Beirut, Andrew Bird, Ms Nadler and Broken Social Circle come to mind, and many more.
Favorite Books Actually, anything by King, Simmons, MacCormac, and a healthy dose of Tolkienology.

If you were a wrestler, what would be your finishing move?

"the Saltella sphondylii"! In which the male fly of said species, whilst grabbing onto the female while incopula, beats the shit out of her on the head. I'm leaving out the copulation part in the finishing move, of course. Not too appropriate.