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Gender MALE
Occupation Web Developer, Indie Recording Artist, GIS Specialist
Location Chicago, IL, United States
Introduction Trakan (pronounced TRAY-kin) is a community-oriented musician/songwriter from Chicago. His new CD, Powder Kegs Beneath Dagger Trees (PKBDT), will be released on February 20, 2012. This blog is his diary and reflections on what it took to make the project happen. Trakan is a multi-instrumentalist with a quintessential do-it-yourself "indie" ethic. He writes the songs, performs much of the instrumentation on his recordings, produces/ engineers many of his professional-quality recordings, codes the website (he’s a techie by trade), provides most of the graphic design, and organizes the project's largely web-based marketing. Stylistically, his songs are rock-forward and energetic, usually with some exotic/folky instrumentation to add musical depth. His throaty vocals, passion and poetic complexity have led to a number of Tom Waits, Frank Black (The Pixies) and Nick Cave comparisons. Lyrics are in English, but he also likes to dabble with French. Female vocal cameos regularly sweeten his agitated growl. PKBDT has already drawn interest from community projects like Outside the Loop Radio, and Trakan plans to champion new local causes during the record's 2012 promotion.
Interests Technology, Maps and Cartographic Design, Graphic Design, Music Performance and Production, Long-Tail Marketing, Education/Leadership, Chicago and American History, Community Relations, International Relations, Cultures, Languages, Cooking, Old-School Face-to-Face Communication.