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Introduction Check out my podcast, Knitlark Lane. I read, while you knit (or drive or walk or drift off to sleep.) You do not need an ipod. Just listen on your computer. The podcast A Episodes = Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales. B Episodes = The Hunchback of Notre Dame. C Episodes = Moonlight Medley (books, travel,yarn bits and "life flavor") Why Knitlark? A "lark" is a bird that sings elaborate songs to express joy. I love the poem called The Skylark, by Christina Rosetti, where she writes "And still the singing skylark soared, And silent sank, and soared to sing." Reading beautiful words -- literature or poetry -- is one way for those of us who are earthbound to spread our own wings to soar. The word lark also has another meaning. It means a "frolic" or a "spree," and I hope my blog and podcast can bring a little joy into the life of anyone who listens. The link is and is available on this blog page. You can also subscribe free through Itunes. Email me at