About me

Location California, United States
Introduction My name is Samantha. I am convinced that I was bred to be ornamental. This is a chronicle of my attempts to get dressed, learning to grow up, thinking too much, and that beautiful post-grad despair. To contact me or read about about how awesome I am, see my Blog & Blogger page.
Interests Harry Potter, theater, thrifting, crafting, writing, fashion, style, taking pictures of myself, leaping in front of cameras, wordplay, bad puns, optimism
Favorite Movies Billy Elliot, The Dark Knight, The Fellowship of the Ring, Léon, Pan's Labyrinth, Rocko's Modern Life, The Social Network, Zoolander
Favorite Books Dubliners, The Egypt Game, Ender's Game, Everything Is Illuminated, The Golden Compass, Harry Potter, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, The House of Mirth, Lolita, Night Watch, Persepolis, The Phantom Tollbooth, Raptor Red

You can punch a hole in an apple using a straw. How do you think that makes your milkshake feel?

Afraid of the imminent violent penetration that comes with being owned by the master of such a powerful instrument, but still confident in its ability to bring all the boys to the yard.