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Occupation Rainbow Warrior
Location Minneapolis, MN
Introduction Homerr- (Jesse Siegel) The musical little Elvin child from the deep woods of bemidji, Minnesota (far north), currently living in Minneapolis Minnesota. Castles in the bottoms of lakes, tigers that kill their torturer... lost He-man toys on summer sandbox days... He sings of forgotten loves, spirit possession, ladybugs that gossip, and cold winter winds...all wrapped in a bundle of bird vocals, and the soft and sometimes jagged warbles of his voice. ..Homerr spent his childhood exploring different ways of using his voice. mewing with the cat, barking with the dog. Favorite past times are, walking in the forest, playing in the Mississippi, pretending, trying to trap the wind in his hands, collecting gemstones, building forts in the woods, playing with frogs, and looking for wood elves. Now as a young adult, he left the woods behind looking for broader ideas, lovers he could relate with, and other artists that he could eat cake with.