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Gender MALE
Location The Land of 10,000 Lakes
Introduction A mixture of poet and musician, warrior and philosopher, the bard, having grown weary of trying to find his place in the modern world, retired to the Lonely Bard Inn to contemplate his future. He is often seen drinking or writing alone (a personification of the inn itself), but from time to time he joins in the festivities that are always to be found in the pub. On occasion he even shares a poem or song with the sympathetic patrons, who are usually eager for new forms of amusement.
Interests I am the wind on the sea, I am the crash of a wave, I am a stag of seven battles, I am a hawk upon a cliff, I am a tear-drop of the sun, I am the most beautiful of plants, I am a boar of valor, I am a salmon in a pool, I am a lake in a plain, I am the word of knowledge, I am the head of a spear in battle, I am a god that gives the fire of thought, Who explains the stones of the mountains?, Who invokes the ages of the moon?, Who can tell the place where the sun rests? ~ THE SONG OF AMERGIN