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Gender MALE
Occupation Unsuccessful writer
Introduction EEEEEE!, for annoyed San Francisco Giants fans, has been around since the summer of 1996. A lack of time and energy has prevented me from adding a whole heck of a lot to the site since early in this century, but the e-mail I receive tells me there's still something of a “demand” for EEEEEE! So thank you for your interest. Meanwhile, just so you know, I'm a lifelong Giants fan, though I started actively following the team and its various pratfalls in 1970. Even aside from EEEEEE! I’ve got plenty of writing (and, believe it or not, editing) experience, having been on the editorial staff of a slightly remembered computer magazine in the late 1980s. The lists of favorites aren’t comprehensive, or even necessarily favorites. The items therein are noteworthy to me, for one reason or another. (One reason, for instance, might be that I can’t remember all of my favorites....) Meanwhile, I have yet to figure out how to have comments show up all the time, so if you want to read the comments for a particular entry, just click on the title for that entry. If you have a smarter way for me to do this, please feel free to let me know.
Interests writing, baseball, San Francisco Giants, popular culture, television, movies, music
Favorite Movies Field of Dreams, Heathers, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Favorite Music Beatles, They Might Be Giants
Favorite Books Too many -- so let's just say the work of Douglas Adams and Dave Barry for now

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

I'm not sure that's any of my business. Thanks for asking, though.