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Gender Female
Location United States
Introduction I've been playing MMO games since 2000, so I consider myself a MMO vet. I've played or tried almost everything under the sun! I like a wide range of games, but you may notice I gravitate back to some more than others.
I don't always play what's the most popular game out there. I play what is fun for me. I do talk about many games even if I don't play them currently. I love to work with computers and enjoy doing graphic design, reading books and playing MMO games. I enjoy spending time offline with my family, as well as online!
Check this post for more of a Bio- Behind The Keyboard 2018- While I may not write as often as I used still, I am still hanging around the MMO scene and getting posts out a few times a month. I love MMOs and always will, as long as they continue to live on. I hope to the genre pick up and not stagnate and fade away, there's nothing else like it <3
Favorite Movies Princess Bride, Signs
Favorite Music M83
Favorite Books Dragon Lance Series

What does ECT stand for? Well ECTMMO was originally a blog called EC Tunnel, hence the ECT. I ended up changing the name when I got my own domain name. I just changed it into an 'acronym'. EC Tunnel (Eastern Commonlands) was a place to sell, meet up with friends and just hang out- back in the glory days of Everquest. What better place to go and share my tales of adventure?