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Gender MALE
Industry Biotech
Location The People's Republic of New Jersey, United States
Introduction About me: Jersey born, loudmouthed, gun touting, capitalist / godless wicked heathen, organ playing romantic (wink) who believes in rock and/or roll, self reliance and, consequently, has no time for your hippie bullshit. Qui Tacet Consentit.
Favorite Movies Inherit the Wind, Wings of Desire (Don’t tell her about the girl), Cleopatra, Ten Commandments (Basically any Hollywood epic), The Apostle, The Secretary, Breakfast at Tiffany’s (though the book is better), The Piano, Gone With the Wind, Night of the Hunter, Charade, Coal Miners Daughter, Smokey &; the Bandit, The Deer Hunter, Jaws, Ginger Snaps 1-3, Falling Down, Halloween, Gattaca, The Company of Wolves, Near Dark, Wicker Man, The Legend of 1900, Leon’ (The Professional), Sergio Leoni Westerns (Particularly ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’), 1776 ‘The Musical’, High Fidelity, SLC Punk, the Gidget series (long live Sandra Dee!), the Beach Party series (See AIP), the Horror of Party Beach (A cinematic masterpiece), Pretty much every documentary ever made, specifically Bluesland, American Roots Music (Vol 1-4), Civil War, Sex &; Buttered Popcorn, Twist, Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music, Muleskinner Blues, Lon Chaney: A Thousand Faces, The Life and Music of Robert Johnson, Shane MacGowan: If I Should Fall From Grace With God, Rock and Roll Invaders: The rise of the AM Radio DJ, and Theremin: A Musical Odyssey. Pretty much every silent movie ever made, specifically F.W. Murnau’s Faust, He Who Gets Slapped, Dr. Jekyll &; Mr. Hyde (John Barrymore), The Penalty, Haxan and anything by George Melies. Pretty much every horror movies ever made, specifically early Universal Pictures (actually, any pre-Breen Office major studio offering), American International Pictures (AIP), and all the low budget dreck that falls in between, Pretty much any exploitation film from 1930’s drug paranoia parable up to late seventies mondo hippie and biker flicks (Specifically Worlds Greatest Sinner, High school Caesar, Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! The Sadist, They Call Her One Eye, Switchblade Sisters and any movie featuring the word “Rock’ in the title)
Favorite Books Paradise Lost, A Pilgrims Progress, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Rapture of Canaan, Great Gatsby, Gone with the Wind, Dead Elvis, The Mysterious Stranger, Mothman Prophesies, Confederates in the Attic, The Bible (Specifically The Book of Proverbs), Stagolee Shot Billy, Escaping the Delta, Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone (Carter Family Bio), And the Ass Saw the Angel, H.P Lovecraft, W.H. Auden, Franz Kafka (Observations on Sin, Suffering, Hope & the True Way), Samuel Clemmons (Mark Twain), Dylan Thomas, Leonard Cohen, Charles Bukowski, John Berryman, Gwendolyn Brooks.