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Gender MALE
Occupation Certified nursing assistant & educational testing
Location Tucson, Arizona, United States
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Interests Taoist meditation & esoterica, politics & culture wars, walking & exercise
Favorite Movies Marx Brothers comedies, "The Hustler, " "2001: A Space Odyssey, " "El Topo, " "Paper Moon, "Apocalypse Now, " "The Deerhunter, " Star Wars series, "National Lampoon's Animal House, " "Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip, " "Da Ali G Show, " "American Splendor, " "Art School Confidential, " "Ghost World"
Favorite Music Van Morrison, Prince, the Rolling Stones & the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Burt Bacharach, Carole King, Blondie, Miles Davis & Sonny Rollins, "French Tickler" by Sonic Youth, the Replacements, Arcade Fire, "Another Green World" by Brian Eno, "Flaming Red" by Patty Griffin and much more
Favorite Books "The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy" by E.D. Hirsch, poetry by W.B. Yeats, Will and Ariel Durant ("The Story of Civilization"), Joseph Campbell, Robert Anton Wilson, sales and guerilla marketing books by Jay Conrad Levinson and Mark Joyner, psychology, history, sharp cultural criticism such as Camille Paglia or Greil Marcus, and books which seek to bridge science and spirituality such as the works of Dr. Gary Schwartz and Rupert Sheldrake. Books about great artists like Gaughin, Picasso or Duchamp. Also, adult or super-intelligent comic books and graphic novels such as by Bernard Krigstein, Harvey Kurtzman, R. Crumb, Jaime Hernandez and especially Alan Moore.