About me

Industry Accounting
Location United States
Introduction I am a twenty-something girl, simply trying to find her place in life, love, and all the rest. I am a fan of pink lace and pearls because, let's face it, red lace is just tacky for first impressions. Email me at
Interests laughing, smiling, stimulating conversation, reading, guitar players, learning new things, playing with my kitten, Chinese food, broccoli, high heels, red wine, cosmopolitans, sunny days at the beach.
Favorite Music Depends on my mood-a little bit of everything. And I LOVE live music! Guitar players make me swoon!
Favorite Books Harry Potter, The Kite Runner, The Lovely Bones, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Gone With the Wind, The Book of Bright Ideas, anything by Sidney Sheldon, Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson, or John Grisham, to name a few. I could go on and on with this list. I love to read!

You've been invited to a fancy ball but the only thing you have to wear is an orange wooly jumper. What shoes do you wear?

I would definitley wear the highest and sexiest stilletos that I can find. But I think the more important question is "Why would I own an orange wooly jumper and why is that the only thing in my closet?". Scary. And orange is so not my color.