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Occupation Chasing cats
Location I sprawl anywhere on the floor or under a car because my masters are apparently too cheap and stingy to get me a decent kennel, a house compound, Malaysia
Introduction Hi, my name is Goldie, a female yellow-colour mix breed. Actually, I was born in the year 2003 and I am thirty-two years old going on thirty-six (dog's age in human years). I am currently living with Courage (my mom), Whitie (my brother), Junni and her family. I am the eldest of my five siblings (er... puppies actually). Sadly, Junni has no choice but to give away three of my unlucky siblings with a broken heart. But I feel fortunate because... less siblings means more attention from Junni =). Even so, there were still endless squabbles over who should get more food!
Interests Sleeping, Eating, Playing
Favorite Movies All dogs go to heaven
Favorite Music Tails of the city
Favorite Books The Care and Feeding of Books Old and New, Marley and Me

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